Are You A First Time Leader?

The story goes that sometime, close to a battlefield over 200 years ago, a man in civilian clothes rode past a small group of exhausted battle-weary soldiers digging an obviously important defensive position. The section leader, making no effort to help, was shouting orders, threatening punishment if the work was not completed within the hour. … Continue reading Are You A First Time Leader?

Intimacy – The Emotional One

Anyone who has known me for some time now, knows about my multiple relationships through the life; from my VIth Std. love letter (Well! Yes, I am an early bloomer) to a Kashmiri girl in my school to my courtship period with my wife. I often get asked a question about what happened differently between … Continue reading Intimacy – The Emotional One

Celebrate Your Struggles

  I want to share one of my life experiences just after finishing my graduation. 2002, the year I graduated from my engineering college was a tough period. There were hardly any new jobs available & to add to that our University had been hit by a fake degree scam. So essentially whatever opportunity existed … Continue reading Celebrate Your Struggles

The Vulnerability Paradox

I was recently talking to someone about crying in public; on how I felt it was absolutely normal to see myself doing that. The reaction I got was that of shocking disbelief as if I had said that Osama was still alive and hiding in India. Well!! Not exactly, I may be exaggerating that a … Continue reading The Vulnerability Paradox

Thunderstorms, Rains & Sunshine

Last night I was watching the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” for the sheer weight of the cast. Well who can miss seeing Emma Thompson & Tom Hanks together in a single screen? Oh the joy a good movie provides!! Nevertheless, what really stuck to my mind was a dialogue by Emma Thompson – “Disappointments are … Continue reading Thunderstorms, Rains & Sunshine

Three Pillars of My Life

It was warm Sunday evening. I was on my way to church for the Sunday mass, a ritual I strongly believe helps me through difficult times. I was oddly distrait about what I should be writing next. My first two blogs had been received fairly well and the onus was on me to deliver something better … Continue reading Three Pillars of My Life

Love – once smitten, twice shy

Disclaimer: This is uniquely my version of what Love is and feels like. A tiny drop in the vast ocean of what Love would be for each one of us. So the obvious question that I ask & often can’t find answers to is, “What is Love?” “Are you in Love?” I have read a bit about … Continue reading Love – once smitten, twice shy